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Marilette van Dyk picture

Marilette van Dyk

Uncle Freddie's Super Market

I have made use of their services several times. They even installed an entire system to let my cold room work again. I would highly recommend them. They work quickly and neatly.

Jeano van der Westhuizen picture

Jeano van der Westhuizen

5 Star Service and it was a job well done. Very impressed with A WAY's  work ethic. They showed up on time, their work was clean, professional and on point. A WAY went above and beyond what was asked of them. I will highly recommend them. 

Samkelo Jiyana picture

Samkelo Jiyana

A WAY did a very good job of fixing my aircon.
I would use them at any time.

Sharon Du Plessis picture

Sharon Du Plessis

I have had an issue with a Defy air conditioner that has included 3 different repairmen appearing, then disappearing into the sunset and no working aircon, then along came A WAY, and voila! I have aircon that works. Thank you so much A WAY. You are no "fly by night" and have made these hot summer days bearable. A worthy 5 star rating. Well done!

Johan Blignaut picture

Johan Blignaut

A Way did a excellent Installation for me. I Bought a Aircon from them. I recommend them definitely. Professional work well done.

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